About Us

Name  Mary

Why choose the Alps for a summer holiday?

It’s like four different holidays all in one – action packed adventure, stunning alpine scenery, lazy days by the pool and fantastic French cuisine. There really is something for everyone.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer?

Paragliding – there’s nothing better than soaring above the lush green mountains and alpine meadows. You’re in your own little bubble with the most spectacular views across the Alps.

If you’re not doing one of the many outdoor activities…….where are the best spots to relax?

Nowhere beats Lake Montriond. Framed by lush trees and spectacular mountains, it looks like it’s been stolen from a postcard… add a book, a cold drink and a rug and there you have it!

Which bar has the best outdoor terrace for a refreshing drink?

The Coup de Coeur has a lovely Mediterranean feel with sun umbrellas and flower pots scattered around the terrace. They do a great tapas plate and serve lots of delicious wines.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Lots of downhill biking… foraging for mushrooms, myrtille berries and wild garlic (great for the summer menu!)… hiking with our kids & doing a few races this summer.

Name  Jamie

Why choose the Alps for a summer holiday?

Unlike the winter where you feel the only thing to do is ski, the Alps in the summer comes alive with activities. Pretty much any sport you can think of can be done here in the mountains. Even if you’re not the outdoor adventure type, the Alps attract people for it’s charm and natural beauty. I love swimming in the fresh mountain lakes and not having to worry about getting sand in my hair, salty water in my eyes and nasty currents… I’m a lady don’t you know!

What’s your favourite thing to do in the summer?

Cramming as many activities into one day then finishing it off with a bbq by the lake.

Favourite trail on the mountain?

The Swiss cup track from the top of Les Mossettes to Les Crosets in Switzerland is a fantastic run. The views are stunning, the  ride is challenging, it’s steep and there’s the odd corner netting to stop you from falling to your peril… not quite perhaps, but it really is exciting!

Where would you go on a day trip?

Either Chamonix to see the biggest mountain in western Europe namely Mt Blanc or Annecy otherwise known as the Venice of France, because of its pretty canals and flowered bridges.

What is your favourite restaurant in town?

Probably the restaurant at Lac Mines d’Or – it has incredible views down the Valley de la Manche and serves a very tasty rabbit dish.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Getting fit so I’m ready for next winters ski racing, and the change of pace – summer time is the best time to relax and recover from the busy winter.