Autumn in The French Alps

When should kids start skiing?

We chat to the guys at PEAK Snowsports to find out their top tips for getting kids into skiing... Read More

The 6 best things about Summer in the French Alps.

One of the first things people tend to say when they first visit the Alps during the summer months is, 'WOW, I never realised it was like this?!' Summer holidays in the mountains may just be one of the best kept secrets around. Read More

The Ultimate Mountain Flapjack

We know how much 'afternoon tea' is eagerly anticipated by our guests when on a catered holiday. Trying to guess which cake has been whipped up by the Jack & Jill team is a favourite game played on the way back from the slopes. Flapjack - whilst not the most impressive sounding - is always a huge hit Read More

The Magic that is Interseason

You may not have ever considered what happens in Alpine resorts once the summer bikers roll out of town and before the first piste bashers trundle back into town. What is often called the off-season of low season in other parts of the world is called Interseason in the Alps… and it’s magic! Read More