The Magic that is Interseason.

You may not have ever considered what happens in Alpine resorts once the summer bikers roll out of town and before the first piste bashers appear for winter. What is often called the off-season, or low season in other parts of the world, is called ‘Interseason’ in the Alps… and it’s magic!

Interseason may just be the best kept secret for those looking to escape the crowds and see the Alps ‘au naturel’. Add to that the fact that you’ll be able to afford much more chalet (…and why not a hot tub, sauna or massage room too) for your budget and the appeal keeps on growing.

The two interseasons in the Alps are May & June and September & October. The colours on both occasions are spectacular – each day in Spring a new colour, flower or shade of green seems to spring to life. In the autumn, glows of burnt orange, crimson and flame start to speckle the hillsides, bringing yet another change of canvas colour to the Alps. Sometimes summer and winter battle each other and you can experience several inches of snow followed by 20 degree sunshine within the same week!

It’s the perfect time to avoid the crowds, escape into the wilds and breathe in the pure mountain air surrounded by raw nature. You may not be able to buy the usual tourist fodder, but rest assured, the incredible bakery remains open every day, as do supermarkets and a handful of bars and restaurants on different nights of the week.

Here’s a handy list of year-round activities in and around Morzine and Les Gets:

Escape Room

Morzine has both and indoor and outdoor Escape Room challenge. Whilst the outdoor one is only available in the summer months the indoor one can be booked all year round.  Discover more here.

Training and Lessons

Throughout the year there are opportunities to develop your skills in areas such as yoga, first aid, swimming and even triathlons.  Yoga in particular has a great variety of indoor and outdoor locations.


As well as all the activities mentioned above, there is of course The Great Outdoors waiting to be discovered. With UNESCO Global Geopark status, the Chablais region really is stunning. So get out there and discover on foot, two or four wheels … the choice is yours!

For detailed info on some of the best walks in the area just click here.

Morzine Equestrian Centre

Situated along the Dereches walk, head along to meet the horses and either take part in an initiation to horse-riding or develop skills already learnt with qualified instructors.  Discover more here.

Dereches Park

As well as the renowned swimming area and ice-skating rink, the Dereches Park also encompasses walks through the forest and along the riverside. Discover the fitness trail loop with health target activities for young and old, orienteering, an outdoor gym, skate park and much more.  Discover more here.

Paragliding and helicopter flights

Take to the air and see the magnificent colours and scenery from above.  For more info on helicopter rides click here and for paragliding it’s here.